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Join the movement!!

#RIDEYOURTRUTH is a social media hashtag campaign for an online equestrian community of riders and horse lovers committed to keeping horse sports a positive and welcoming place.


The online campaign is a symbolic commitment to self awareness, and encourages riders to make an effort to be good role models, give back to their communities and show empathy to our horses and each other. 

Our horses love us for who we are, and we should too.

#Rideyourtruth riders say... 


NO to materialism.

NO to prejudice.

No to generalizations.

NO to hateful competition.

Riders, barns and brands endorsing the #RIDEYOURTRUTH campaign are committed to promoting individuality and expression where we "live our truth" through a unique relationship with equine partners. 

YES to Positivity.   YES to Creativity.   YES to Learning.

#RIDEYOURTRUTH is Lucia Rapalyea's social media brain child. As a professional rider and coach, she noticed riders conforming to popular trends instead of making genuine choices for themselves and their horses. 


As equestrian athletes, we should care more about the ride than the ribbon.  #RIDEYOURTRUTH's goal is to create discussion among equestrians across sports which promote individuality and make horse sports a welcoming place for all.


Our horses love us for who we are and we should too.

Be a part of the campaign!!

#Hashtag U & UR horse in a moment

where U are being U with UR best equine buddy!!





the movement!


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